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I didn't renew my Apple developer license, so these apps are no longer available - but they used to be 🙂
- Minni Ang
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Skills tracking is about truly knowing everything about the product you are trying to sell - yourself! We are all far more capable of doing things than we realize. Your Skills describe what you know how to do, things of which you have proven yourself capable. Your Portfolio holds a record of all the things you've ever made, while Your Employers are evidence that your skills are in demand and appreciated by people other than yourself. MySkillsTracker stores all your data offline, on your iPhone or iPad. You cannot know which of your skills or achievements will be needed for a future job, so document everything. Future versions of MySkillsTracker will include iCloud integration so that you can seamlessly access your records from any of your Apple devices, as well as the ability to easily extract relevant information from your database for inclusion in customized resumes that you will need, while retaining this present version's offline working capability. The app includes further information on this whole concept of Skills Tracking, as well as detailed help for each input field, accessible within the app's specialized screens.
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Draw in 3D

We draw using a drawing tool (pen, pencil, etc) to make markings on a flat canvas. Draw in 3D in that same intuitive way, with your phone as your tool and the world as your canvas. What sets this app apart is its ability to save your artwork in your own virtual art gallery, as 3D objects that you can interact with and view from any angle.If you love to draw, drawing in 3D is an exciting new experience, elegantly expanding your natural way of drawing (by moving your drawing tool on a flat surface in an up, down, left or right direction) with two additional dimensions: away from yourself and towards yourself (forward and backward). Master this innovative 21st-century drawing technique and position yourself as a pioneer artist in this new world of virtual art. Envision the future where augmented reality allows us to visit virtual art galleries, viewing 3D art pieces placed in the selected viewing venue through the screen of your mobile device, just like Alice Through The Looking Glass.

Your phone is your augmented reality pen: freely change your ink colour and nib size. Save your creations in your 3D Art Gallery. You can enter your gallery and "handle" individual pieces in your collection, rotating your work to admire it from every angle, and even freely moving your art piece in 3D virtual space like you would a real physical small piece of sculpture, zooming in for a closer look, turning it sideways, upside down or from any perspective you like without restriction. Then place your virtual objects in your real-world exhibition space, and invite your audiences to walk through your augmented reality personal art gallery! Transform your home, school, empty field, or any physical location of your choosing, into your very own exhibition space, revealing the magic of your exhibits when visitors view the seemingly empty spaces filled with your very own 3D drawings.
Thinking of where to go for your next vacation? Come, discover Ottawa, Canada's Capital! This app introduces visitors to the city's main attractions, including sights to see and things to do here, and it even tells you the current local time and weather so you know what to expect before you arrive. Preview our beautiful city via the gorgeous photographs included in our app, sourced through the Creative Commons Share Alike license - special thanks to all those photographers who freely share their images!
This is a basic operations calculator, geared towards junior elementary school kids. You can only add, subtract, divide or multiply with it, but it's 100% free!
Learning to count has never been so fun! But this isn't just a game for little kids - challenge your friends to see who can count the fastest. Count with ChibiBird is an addictive original new game where players flick ChibiBird out the window to strike floating numbers out of the sky. And don't forget to keep the volume on - you won't want to miss the cool original music and cute voiceovers!
Help ChibiGirl gather flowers by tapping the screen to show her where to run, but avoid the grumpy gardener who makes her drop a few each time he catches her! If you're wondering what "Chibi" is, it's a branch of Manga art. If you're wondering what "Manga" is.... google will tell you 😉
Become a dinosaur and challenge your friends in this fun two-player battle game! You can choose to be one of six dinosaurs: Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Diplodocus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus or Tyrannosaurus Rex. Each has its own unique strength and weakness, but what matters most is your own speed - the faster you attack, the more chance you have of winning. Great fun for all ages!