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Within these pages you'll find various stuff written by me, some jointly with somebody else, others by me alone (proper credit is given on each page, don't worry!). I've decided to make most of what I've ever written freely available to anyone who may find anything in it of interest - a forewarning, the quality varies! If you come across something you think is rubbish, don't discount the entire archive, because I haven't actually sifted out the wheat from the chaff. Looking over the storehouse of material I've accumulated, I feel that somebody somewhere will probably find something helpful / informative / refreshing / (insert your own term here!) amongst what I've written. If you don't like what you read, please just leave, nobody's forcing anything on you. If you do like it, please browse to your heart's content! And do take note of my copyright notice below, thanks!
- Minni Ang
Copyright Notice!
All articles, lessons, compositions and other forms of original writings on this website are copyright (c) 2021 to Minni K. Ang and may not be reproduced without permission of the author. The author however grants outright permission for quotations with proper citation information included.

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